The Village of Beer: East Devon

The Origins of Beer

The origin of the name of Beer is uncertain. Various theories have been put forward as to its origin.

Bearu – Saxon for “Wood”

Byr – Norse for “farmstead”

Bere – Anglo-Saxon for “barley”

The Saxon version has been given as “Beerham” or “Berham”.

In Norman times the name was spelt “Bera” as it appears in the Domesday Book.

In a petition sent to parliament in 1698 appealing against the repeal of the 1697 Act granting English lace makers protection from foreign competition, Beer is referred to as Beare.

King HenryVIII’s antiquarian, John Leland, referred to the village as Brereworde when he was travelling the country in the 16th century collecting historical and geographical data.

Other variations that appear through the years are Bereword, Bere, Ber.

Picturesque Scenery On Tap
Beer Beach
  • Beer Beach

    Beer beach is a natural suntrap and the waters in the bay are very sheltered with the imposing limestone cliffs giving protection from the wind. Because it is a ‘working beach’ the picturesque paraphernalia of the fishing industry with its brightly coloured wooden boats, nets, winches and neon-coloured floats add to its charm with the […]... Read More

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A Visit To Remember
Beer Regatta
Something For Everyone
Beer Pecorama
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  • Escot Park

    For all lovers of nature and the great outdoors, Escot is a unique experience and offers a great family day out. Set in... Read More

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All Within Reach
Beer Youth Hostel
  • Dolphin Antiques and Collectables

    An Aladdin’s cave of affordable antique, vintage and collectable items can be found at the Dolphin Antiques and Collectables Centre, situated behind the... Read More

  • Bank House

    Situated in the centre of Beer village, just 150 yards from the beach. The three en-suite rooms have a TV, local information guide... Read More